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 .jpg  The Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) format is commonly used to display photographs and other continuous-tone images in hypertext markup language (HTML) documents over the World Wide Web and other online services.A file given to images with many colors.
 .html  Stands for Hyper Text Mark up language
 FTP  File Transport Protocol
 URL  Uniform(Universal) resource locater
 http: Hypertext transfer protocol
 FTP Explorer A program used up upload programs from page mill to the internet
 Netscape  A browser on the internet
 PageMill   A program used to create and then manage web pages
 PhotoShop  A program used to acquire pictures from the scanner, internet sites, or other sources. Here you can modify the images to your personal style or needs. From here you are able to copy the images to other programs such as PageMill.

 Images on the Internet have how many dots per inch?
 72 dots per inch

What's different about writing a link to an e-mail address?
 Here you have to have the address and other information filled out correctly in the mailto Web protocol in order to link successfully. It can be difficult.

 What's the topic of your final project?