A list of Nebraska's Native Herp's

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 Links to some useful or just fun sites.

Here are some links that are helpful when looking for Nebraska's or The Great Plains area species, frog facts, and other information..

Platte River Ecosystem Resources and Management,
with Emphasis on the Big Bend Reach in Nebraska

Herpetology of Iowa

General Herpetology
(This link gives a list of several other Herpetology links)

(More Herp links)

Families of Snakes in North America
(A key to the 5 Families of North America)

Link to Eastern Short-horned lizard pictured on Home page

Klick here to link with a list of Great Plains Reptiles

Looking for some Fun Frog Facts?

Melissa Kaplan's
Herp Care Information Collection

If you are looking to identify tadpoles go to tadpole key.

A lot of the images shown are linked from Some TOAD species...

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